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We're a small business with big ambitions. Passion is what drives us. Without passion—without love, the end result is a lackluster product—and that's not why we're here. We're here to please, and we're here because we're fans, like you.

The focus

Lineage Studios is a consumer goods and services company with a focus on AAA licensed product, ranging from theatrical films and television, to video games. 


To provide fans with quality product where the consumer can see and feel the difference in what they're getting for their money. We strongly believe passion and emotional attachment to a brand result in higher quality product that resonates with the consumer. We prioritize quality over margins and stand by that. Furthermore, we are fans of every intellectual property you will find on our store—none of our products are an afterthought. We're here to please, and we're here because we're fans, like you.


Our talent has years of experience specializing in both digital asset creation and designing luxury collectibles.

Every member of our team plays an integral role throughout the production process, as we strive to showcase the art team’s talent and strengths through our work.

Production is equally important to us and is where our meticulous idiosyncrasies truly shine. Our team’s knowledge of the industry and strong attention to detail allow us to ensure that quality is a key component of every product produced.

What our customers are saying

Innovative designs and the highest quality artwork and production. Quick and friendly customer service. I bought a number of items so far and have been satisfied with all of them.

C.J. Atkins, Facebook

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Los Angeles, CA

Show-accurate pins that look incredible and are made with great quality. If you are a Power Rangers fan, I highly recommend their services.

Jordan Slonke, Facebook

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